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NRW Position Available: DIRECTOR OF SALES

Department of Human Resources


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - INTERNAL POSTING 2.18.2012 - 2.21.2012, Rev. 9.28.2013
EXTERNAL POSTING 2.22.2012; Reposted, Updated 9.3.2017


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About Neal Reed Worldwide.

Neal Reed Worldwide (NRW), is a privately-held virtual intellectual properties holding company which utilizes the latest digital technical, creative and production technologies to create, produce, publish and distribute intellectual property, products, services and events worldwide. NRW has more than a dozen projects in various stages of development, pre-production, production and post production.

Neal Reed Worldwide University also known as (NRWU) is Neal Reed’s in-house education, training and development organization. NRWU’s mission is to establish, maintain and administrate a collaborative virtual and physical learning environment to provide to our employees, associates, subsidiaries and collaborators the creative, technical, production and administrative skills necessary to succeed at NRW. NRWU provides artistic, technical, professional, managerial and leadership training experiences, as well as training for trainers.

Position Summary: Director of Sales
The Director of Sales is a Cabinet level position and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. The Director of Sales, in collaboration with the chief executive officer and the chief financial officer, is responsible for the development sales forecasts, budgets, and goals, and achievement of sales revenue targets and goals, as determined by the immediate and long-range goals of the Company. The Director of Sales works closely with the Director of Marketing, Neal Reed University and Neal Reed’s Human Resources Team, management, directors and administrators across the entire company spectrum to achieve sales of the company’s products, services and events; to recruit and train sales staff; engage in sales to meet active targets; document the process, and audit results. The Director of Sales, in collaboration with the CEO and Director of Research and Development, monitors market competition and forces to identify trends, products, and service opportunities suitable to expansion of sales territories, markets, product offerings and service lines.

• Oversee sales, and curriculum development in areas of sales communication, sales leadership and sales management learning, including mandated training (ethics, sexual harassment awareness, copyright, and business law).
• Partner with Human Resources and other groups to identify training and development needs on a number of professional topics relevant to sales, and assist with determining training priorities, objectives and desired outcomes.
• Manage development, customization and implementation of sales solutions specific to audience and customer needs; recommend learning and development programs to the NRWU community.
• Using feedback and metrics, audit the effectiveness of NRW’s sales staff development and sales activities.
• Facilitate group meetings, classes, round tables, distance learning and other learning formats to communicate effectively with the sales staff.
• Develop and maintain high-quality sales materials and resources that are reflective of Neal Reed Worldwide culture.
• Identify and recommend vendors; and manage multiple vendor relationships and the work of multiple vendors as needed.

Experience/Skills Required:
• Bachelor’s degree plus a minimum of 2-10 years of progressive career experience selling, managing a sales force, and/or developing and delivering effective sales and professional sales development programs, with a focus on sales team management programs, including ‘train the trainer’ experience.
• Experience in cold calling, lead development, pitching, selling, telemarketing, closing techniques; time management strategies, call center experience; highly self motivated plus the ability to motivate, train, coach, lead and manage a diverse sales staff.
• Extensive experience in assessing and improving sales and professional development programs, with a focus on sales supervision, motivation and management programs, including sales and selling curriculum development/instructional design, and the ability to translate professional development needs into high impact, high-quality programs.
• Outstanding written and verbal communication skills; must be a direct, articulate and thoughtful communicator.
• Must possess a achievement oriented team player approach; easily develop rapport and trust with multiple individuals and personalities.
• Must possess excellent active listening and coaching skills.
• Strong sales skills and ability to support and mentor others in these areas.
• Must have experience in facilitating sales staff management via multiple vehicles, such as instructor-led training, group/round table facilitation, peer-led learning, self-study, etc.
• Proven track record of establishing and maintaining effective and collaborative relationships across a highly decentralized organization with diverse groups and individuals.
• Strong “off-the-cuff” speaker, natural ability to think on one’s feet, with the ability to close, and to teach closing techniques.
• Excellent interpersonal, group, process and influence skills.
• Works effectively independently or in teams.
• Comfortable working within a fast-paced, dynamic (and sometimes ambiguous) environment.
• Graduate-level education, background and/or experience in sales and marketing, organizational behavior/development, team/group dynamics, adult education, organizational psychology or other relevant area a plus.
• Working knowledge of general sales practices, policies, and procedures a plus.
• Ideal: Prior sales, marketing, promotional, networking, training, educational or consulting experience in an artistic, creative and/or high tech industry.
NRW-f-HR-JD-2012-005. NRW-f-HR-JD-2017-001.

Vacancy: Contract Photographer, various locations

Application Deadline: Open.
Contract length: by assignment to 24 months. Contract period: By assignment, annually, and bi-annually.
Contract Photographer - Artist Management Services Division - Michigan
Contract Photographer - Artist Management Services Division - Ohio
Contract Photographer - Artist Management Services Division - California
Contract Photographer - Artist Management Services Division - Florida
Contract Photographer - Artist Management Services Division - New York
Contract Photographer - Artist Management Services Division - Illinois
Contract Photographer - Artist Management Services Division - Miami
Contract Photographer - News Wire Services - National
Contract Photographer - News Wire Services - Foreign
Photojournalist - News Wire Services - National
Photojournalist - News Wire Services - Foreign

Provide contract photography services on a work-for-hire assignment basis to Neal Reed US and its clients in the United States and abroad. News Wire credentials provided.

To apply, send an email with your contact information, bio, resume, or vitae, including, a telephone number, and email address, and a link to your online portfolio, to

Postitions available: Television Line Producers

CALIFORNIA - Neal Reed Worldwide, an intellectual properties holding company, and creator of original content, has positions available for television show line producers. Interested persons should send a letter of interest and include contact information, and experience in television line production to